2013 - 2014

Special congratulations to the 50th Birthday of

 Sih Wei Primary School in Kaohsiung / Taiwan .....

...... where our dear teacher friend Ms. Lin-lin Tan 

and her colleagues Michael and Jolin are teaching!


The World Of The Teens

I know of a world so interesting
It’s the world of the teens
A world with much splendor
Characterized by risky adventures
A fragile world
That needs strong supporting cord
A world that need not be neglected
As it is where the patterns of life are selected
A world where every little mistake
Can change the shape and taste of the cake
A place for investing

Preparing for future harvesting
A world filled with pleasure
Accompanied by insurmountable pressure
A world where beauty and the beast
Are always in fierce contest
A world where emotion is always in motion
And passion faced with continuous confusion
It’s the world of the teens
Quite interesting it is
So treat it with much regard
Cos it’s got so much to discard

(Stewart Gideon)

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